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Tuesday Trends: A Jumpsuit for Every Body Type

Yes! You can wear a Jumpsuit!

JUMPSUITS! They are one of the hottest trends for this spring and summer. Everywhere I look I’m seeing super cute jumpsuits... Target, H & M, Nordstrom…the list goes on and on. All the vendors that I buy from to stock my boutique also have amazing jumpsuit styles. BUT the jumpsuit is also THE style that I hear so many people are so nervous to try. With all the varying styles, it’s so hard to know which ones will look best on your body type. So I’ve create a bit of a cheat sheet for you to help you get started. You may find that you fit under a couple of different categories. If so, I recommend trying on the different suggestions and seeing which you like on your body the best.

Petite (aka shorties like me): More fitted styles with a higher waist will look better on you, so you don’t appear to drown in fabric. Stay away from large patterns and instead focus on solid colors and vertical stripes. Tapered legs are the best, but wide legs and ankle-cropped versions will also work, you just need to make sure to get the length tailored to sit at the right spot otherwise you run the risk of looking squat (either just skimming the floor or right above your ankle bone). If you do wear a wide legged style, make sure the top of the jumpsuit is fitted. Avoid harem pants with the elastic around the ankles at all cost!

Image by Piperlime via Who What Wear

Hourglass (proportionate hips and bust with a smaller defined waist): This is the body shape that is lucky enough to able to rock nearly any jumpsuit style. Look particularly for styles that accentuate your smaller waist and are fitted throughout the torso to best show off your assets.

Image by Whit Wanders

Apple Shape (broad shoulders, larger tummy and chest, but narrower hips and thinner legs): You need to find a jumpsuit that has a belt or ties at an empire waist (right below the bust line) that creates the illusion of a smaller waist. Or a blouson-style (blouse) top with an elastic waist will help give the illusion of a more hourglass figure. Accentuate your thinner legs by wearing a skinny or tapered leg style.

Image by Curls and Contours

Triangle Shape (Top Heavy): Stretchy fabrics are your best friend. Avoid any jumpsuits with zippers or buttons at the chest. Wide straps and V-necks are best for balancing a heavier chest. Make sure your jumpsuit has a defined waist and wear wide leg bottoms to create a better balance between your bottom and top.

This Jumpsuit can be found at Curly Girl Boutique

Pear Shape (small bust and larger hip and backside area): This means you need to create balance between your top and bottom half and accentuate your smaller waistline. Create an illusion of a larger bustline with halter top, ruffles, or off-the shoulder neckline. Belted styles will help accentuate your smaller waistline, but you want to avoid styles that have blousing around the waist. Curvy thighs and backside can be combatted with a straight or wide-leg style and high-rise waist. Cropped wide legs will also help elongate, just be sure they are tailored to the proper length. Wide leg cropped pants should hit you at the smallest part of your leg, which for a pear shape is often right below the knee.

Image by RoseWe

Rectangle Shape (No curves): You need a jumpsuit that helps create curves. This can be done with a cinched or belted waist, tapered legs, and an interesting neckline (think one shoulder or ruffle styles). Also, look for jumpsuit styles with a solid bottom and printed top. This will help give the illusion of more defined shape.

Image by Venus

Plus Size: Look for jumpsuits with a faux waist created with ruching, pleats or a tie waist belt. This will help hide any tummy areas you are not comfortable with. Also look for fabrics with a bit more structure in an intricate and delicate pattern. This will help conceal little bumps and ripples on your body that you may feel self-conscious about.

Image by City Chic

Tall: Go for those wide legs. This style was meant for you! Either floor length or cropped, the wide-legged jumpsuit will show off those amazing long legs of yours.

Image by RoseWe

Ultimately, you have to love what you put on your body. You should step out of the fitting room feeling like a rockstar, goddess, and if you don’t, DON’T BUY IT!! The number one rule is don’t try to talk yourself into something, just because it’s a trend. I hope these tips help you to go out a try on some jumpsuits with more confidence and maybe find a style that you never thought you’d like. Leave a comment below and let me know how this guide helped you and if you have any other questions.

Now if only I could help you solve the jumpsuit dilemma of needing to strip almost completely naked to use the restroom… Anyone have any tips for that?

For more jumpsuit inspiration check out my Pinterest board here.

Jumpsuits Available at Curly Girl Boutique

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